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Established in 2003, Centra is an independent, privately owned company, specialized in manufacturing and supplying disposable medical wearing apparel. Our production facility is equipped with technology for production of medical and hygienic products from non-woven textiles and updated on regular basis to meet the ever-changing requirements of the healthcare industry. The ability to customize our range of disposable kits as per customer's requirements has given us an edge over our competitors in the respective main.


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We Are Centra


Textile products become penetrable to bacteria after some usage and do not provide proper protection. Scientific studies has proven that expenditures on infection prevention has always been less costly than treatment. Infection increases the patients length of recovery Time in the hospital, the amount of antibiotics used, supplies and time of hospital staff. These increased costs alone are well above the investment for superior draping and sterile techniques. The above mentioned facts have been the reference point for Centra to develop the sterile drapes and gowns to prevent wound infection.

About Centra

We have been able to design and develop highly functional products by keeping the aspects of our customers, physicians or healthcare professionals together. The materials used are made from high quality medical grade material light non-absorbent, non permeable, breathable, and biodegradable which is extremely low linting thus eliminating the risk of airborne infections. The quality control unit is headed by qualified staff to ensure the highest level quality control. INFECTION CONTROL It is a documented fact that micro-organisms found on human skin are the primary cause of wound infection in surgery  .

This is why effective sterile draping and sterile gowns for hospital staff is an extremely important aspect of infection control.

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